New to California (from the Midwest) and feeling a bit intimidated by the increased level of investment needed for quality homes here

…(versus Michigan), I was extremely lucky to have worked with Mark Lomas to find what I still consider to be our perfect home. He was able to quickly understand our personalities and what we needed (on both functional and emotional levels) to narrow down our search and help us to confidently zero in on a home that is still working out beautifully. We quickly observed that Mark has a keen understanding of the nuances of various communities and neighborhoods – nuances that we never could have grasped then, but that we clearly acknowledge and appreciate now… And he showed a command of the real estate process that was extremely impressive. This was very comforting indeed. And then there was this extra bonus: he somehow managed to be extremely buttoned down and businesslike, but easy-going and fun when the time was right. Although Kirsten was not involved in the transaction noted here, she’s a great fit with Mark. Over the years I’ve learned that she shares many of Mark’s characteristics: a heavy-duty work ethic; a commitment to understanding the market, including the little things that might go unnoticed by someone less in-tune; and a wonderful balance of high-level professionalism with a great, easy-to-be-around personality. Without question, this team gets my very highest recommendation!

– Tom S.