The Carpinteria Valley is located in the Southeast corner of Santa Barbara county. It’s a little piece of coastal paradise tucked midway between Ventura and Santa Barbara. Seeming to shy away from the glare of tourism’s spotlight, but at the same time welcoming all who chance to discover it’s charms. Carpinteria’s splendid natural setting and small town charm remain relatively undiscovered. Enjoy the small town pleasures, where tree shaded streets, parades and craft shows evoke a gentle way of life. Dozens of antique stores, small shops and restaurants are clustered along the main streets of Carpinteria and Summerland, making area a browser’s paradise. Carpinteria is also home to a world renowned surfing area off Rincon Point and a beautiful swimming beach. Nature smiles kindly of the Carpinteria Valley, making it home to many nurseries.
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Population: 1,448 at 2010 census. Summerland is located on the coast directly east of Santa Barbara, and Northwest of Carpinteria and is almost entirely surrounded by the unincorporated community of Montecito. Summerland now proudly sports itself as a town with a unique history, founded in 1889 by Harry Williams the town attracted a unique population as this man with an interest in the supernatural invited others to join him. Summerland now offers numerous antique stores, and other wonderful shops to enjoy!
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